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By: Zachary Poole

Delta 8 THC has gained such popularity that most who don’t even regularly follow cannabis have at least heard of it or are somewhat familiar with it.  Although new on the market, delta 8 is as old as cannabis itself but brings about a fresh set of questions and curiosities about the plant.  Its classification as a type of THC is enough to strike interest in most.  So, what is this cannabinoid that is all the talk in the industry right now?

Delta 8 is a naturally occurring tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly abbreviated as THC) found in hemp and is one of over 150 cannabinoids currently identified in the cannabis species of plants.  Being a type of THC, its natural chemical makeup allows it to bind to the receptors within the endocannabinoid system allowing the cannabinoid to provide the benefits of a THC without the full psychoactive experience.  Currently, studies are showing that delta 8 has great potential in treating inflammation, anxiety, depression, and can function as a fantastic sleep aid for those who struggle falling and staying asleep.

There are a few common questions I get when it comes to delta 8 and the first is: is this product psychoactive?  The best answer I have to this question is that delta 8 affects everyone differently and it is always best to use it at home until you know how your body will respond.  Since it is a type of THC the effect is noticeable for some, so it is never recommended to drive or operate machinery while using it.  I’m also frequently asked if delta 8 will show on a drug screening and unfortunately the answer is yes for all forms of testing.

Currently at Trinity Pharms, we offer delta 8 in tinctures, vape cartridges, chocolates, gummies, capsules, honey, and smokable flower.  Like CBD, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what product is best for you or whether to venture into delta 8 at all.  Like most things in this industry, there is no one answer that will work for everybody; everyone is unique in what their body requires.  I do, however, encourage you to do your own research on delta 8 and whether it can benefit you.  As always, feel free to call us with any questions and check us out online.  I look forward to seeing y’all in the store!!